hARDWAre. software. You name it, we do it.


Established in 2009, AtrivaTECH aims to bring latest cutting-edge technologies online. Hardware, Software, You Name it. We do it.

AtrivaTECH is now fully operated by Atul Ravi via It’s ON Group Of Companies based in Chennai after the complete takeover in October of 2023. Atrivatech will continue to be operated with the ideals of its previous operators of making Software available as a service for all. However, we will also foray into hardware products and also provide hardware development assistance as a service.

AtrivaTECH is fully owned and headed by Atul Ravi. An innovator with a background in science and a passion in electronics who also continues on a mission to make hardware accessible to all.

Team AtrivaTECH aims to assist you in fulfilling your aspirations and making your requirements a reality.