Meet μNico
Your Pen-drive sized companion


Powered by risc-v

At heart is the CH32V003 which is a RISC-V processor capable of performing complex tasks at ease. 


USB-HID support

USB-HID support with help of rv003usb by CNLohr. Powered by CH32V003Fun.

Nico Ch32v003 V1 Z
Nico Ch32v003 V1 Z

Arduino IDE Compatibility

Arduino IDE Compaitibility with the help of Library provided by WCH and 3rd Party libraries by Hobbyists. 

On Board LED

In-Built LED that can be chosen on demand depending on output method of choice. 

Nico Ch32v003 V1 Z
Nico Ch32v003 V1 Z

Endless hacking Capability

USB-HID capabilities help you create devices like Keyboards, Mice and more which can be used creatively to Hack and Mess with Computers.  (Demo Video to be updated shortly)



Fully Open-Source with complete design Files available for one to view and analyse.  

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~4.0 USD Per Board*

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* Cost is per board. However, final crowdfunding campaign/product page may include bundle of associated hardware such as programmers for an additional cost. T&C apply. 

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